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»One day it will have to be officially admitted that what we have christened reality as an even greater illusion than the world of dreams.« Salvador Dalí

At gamescom cologne 2014 five design students showed original lithografies by Salvador Dalí in their exhibition »Code of Surrealism«. This multimedia art exhibition is a transdisciplinary work between art, digital, games and design and shows the artwork's transmissions in digital forms. Dalís illustrations of Don Quixote intermingle with contemporary technologies – an amazing fusion of pictorial reminiscences and contemporary imagery.

Supported by Prof. Michael Erlhoff the students used creative techniques established in surrealism and transferred them into the present day. One of this transfers are the associations of the artificial intelligence »Google« with Dalís illustration cycle »Don Quichotte«. Edited in a video the visitors experience a digital Chinese Whispers 2.0.
Moreover, cooperation with gamelab cologne the computer game »Drawlí« was presented at the fair. Here, the gamers have to draw their elite enemies themselves before fighting them. Thus, the gamer becomes active creater of the game and is able to create his own fragile phantasy world.

»Code of Surrealism« visualizes the transitory of dreams. With transparent acrylic glass tubes random structures and spaces appear – spheres made out of nothing that can be experienced. The exhibition is created out of materials that were not made for this purpose and could be fully removed and reused afterwards.

With great thank to our sponsors: Trilux, Oktalite Lichttechnik GmbH, Maul, Gamescom, Wacom, Hundt Druck, Antalis, Euro Art Luxembourg

For more details:
— movie about »Code of Surrealism«


with Christoph Claus, Simone Fahrenhorst, Mario Frank, Ann-Kristin Zoppe
supervised by Prof. Michael Erlhoff & Prof. Uta Brandes

exhibited at Gamescom in Cologne, 13th–17th of August 2014
Talk at Next Level Conference 2014
Published in Trade Fair Design Annual 2015/16

Self Initiated Project, KISD 2014

I was greatly involved in the concept development, visualization and construction of the exhibition. Besides collective project managment, I captured peoples associations of the Dali Artworks.

Urban Wilderness
Urban Wilderness
Code of Surrealism
Trade Fair Design Annual 2015