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Nationalpark Schwarzwald

#Abenteuer Schwarzwald: Experience the beauty of nature
Environmental Projects

»We want for people to get out and fall in love. Because you will not protect something unless you love it!« Kris Tompkins, Patagonia

We initiated the Young Explorers Program as a part of the multimedia project Abenteuer Schwarzwald and the Pangaea Project to make young people experience the beauty of nature infront of their doors.
The Young Explorers Program is a growing network of young people that engage to protect our wild nature. The Young Explorers Camp takes place annualy in the Black Forest Nationalpark and is accompined with outdoor and project weekends during the year.

We invite 16 young adults to participate in this one week adventure which consists of intense outdoor experience, team building and constantly changing perspectives. Specialists on the terrain give insights into the ecosystems and functions of the Nationalpark. In photo, film and design thinking workshops our team of creatives commits to equipping adolescents with the tools and experiences to nurture their development as creative change makers to engage and initiate environmental projects in their own surroundings. Moreover, we provide a platform for the Young Explorers to spark and share their own enthusiam and ideas in 5-min inspirational talks during the Camp.

Thanks to our sponsors that believe in our concept! It is key for us that the camp is accessible for everybody and it is therefore for free.

For more details on the Young Explorers Program and the Camps
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with Simon Straetker, Saskia Bauer, David Lohmüller, Kirsten König, Viola Taubmann and Youngster Team

UN Decade on Biodiversity

Self Initiated Voluntary Project

As a project lead of the Young Explorers Camp 2015 and 2016, I could inspire and engage with young people. In cooperation with Simone Fahrenhorst we are using design thinking methods for the development of Young Explorers projects. Additionally, I am resposible for the visual communication.

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